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Hi there , my name is Sarah & I am the lady behind the lens. I am Irish & living my best life in the lakes. Came to the lakes in the summer while I was in collage studying Health & Safety to work when I was 19. Continued to come back the summers in-between & then eventually after a failed attempt at trying the oz thing and a shock pregnancy later, I am now truly settled here with a true cumbrian boy & 2 beautiful girls. So funny how the path you think you're going to take & the path you end up on are never the same. 

How did I end up doing this as a full time job? Truth was after I graduated collage & dabbling in occupational health and safety with shell for a short time I found myself a little lost. So came to Keswick to clear my head and try and figure it out. Then before I knew it I was heading for 30 and working in a nightclub 3/4 nights a week. Exhausted with 2 small babies & a chef husband who I barely saw. So I decided one day I didn't want to do that anymore, it was actually my husbands idea to give it a go. He bought me my first camera & then I just started asking friends and family to let me photograph them and it just kind of spiralled. Honestly I never thought it would be where it is today & be my full time job, where I am continuously busy & growing. 

Where am I based? - Keswick 

MY PROUDEST WORK MOMENT? - Being featured in a magazine as a centre fold image taking up the full 2 pages. 

MY PROUDEST LIFE MOMENT? - My girls. They just bring me all the joy & are the most caring, funniest and beautiful little things. 

WHAT AM I DOING WHEN IM NOT WORKING? - In the summer I am on my paddle board. I love getting out in the morning and having that time to myself. 

Or I am catching up with my friends over a bottle or 2 of Prosecco. Or hopping on a flight across the pond to see my family and friends over in Ireland. 

DO I HAVE ANY HOBBIES? - I love going for walks & recently joined the peloton craze so lets see how that goes. 

MY WEIRD CELEBRITY CRUSH - Woody Harrelson but the man of my dreams is the one and only Tom Hardy. 

FAVOURITE SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM - Instagram for work but I am a Tik Tok junkie. 

FAVOURITE VENUE TO SHOOT AT? - Oooo there is too many to count but Lodore Falls Hotel will always hold a special place in my heart. That's where we got married nearly 8 years ago. 

FAVOURITE MEAL? - Traditional Steak dinner. 

FAVOURITE MOVIE & TV SHOW? - Movie is Seven. TV show has to be Dexter or Sons of Anarchy. I do love a bit of violence in my shows. Think it's because my life is usually filled with love and rainbows. 


MY HAPPY PLACE - Wondering around the lake with my husband and girls or on the beach in the Wild West of Ireland with my family. Or dancing in one of my friends kitchens with a glass of Prosecco in my hands.


DRINK OF CHOICE - Prosecco or Tequila. 


DREAM WEDDING DESTINATION - Get me to New York City for a sexy city break wedding or anywhere on the Italian coast. My sister is actually getting married in Italy and not going to lie its going to be a killer not being the photographer. 

IF I WASN'T A PHOTOGRAPHER WHAT WOULD MY DREAM JOB BE? - Would love to an artist or in the coast guard. Unfortunately I can't draw a circle & my hearing and eyesight problems wouldn't allow me to attempt to save anyone. 





I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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