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Let's Talk About It.

Ive been thinking about it for a while and I just thought buggar it just do it. Im not sure on the whole blog etiquette or rules so i'm just going to blab away and see what comes out.

Im hoping to do one a month on certain wedding scenarios that maybe people don't talk about enough or tip toe around. I will be honest and give my opinion, advice and ask for your feedback and what you think. Let's just have an open and honest discussion.

So I think for my first blog I am going to talk about the "post weddin' depression"

Oh man...that shit is very very real. You've been planning this day for a year maybe even 2 or 3. It has found a way to totally consume you, and clog up every spare space you have in your brain. Its all you can talk about & when you are talking about something else you are thinking about the next thing you need to book or sort. Its all you spend your money on. The attention is on you, celebrations, days out shopping, hen parties (2 or 3 of them if you are lucky), buying jewellery, the best beauty treatments, you and your husband/wife to be in a love bubble one minute ready to rip each others heads off the next. Its a total whirlwind. Emotional rollercoaster and one of the most exciting times in your life. You swore you would never be a bridezilla and you probably aren't but you know what you want and you seek it out. Endless evenings on instagram and Pinterest. Flowers, photographers, videographers, decor, vibe, rings, dress, bridesmaids. Every last detail down to the colour of paper you are going to put the menu on. You maybe even go over budget a bit to splurge on certain things, your friends are hyped up, parents all geared and ready to be proud parents for the day. It's so exciting.

Then your big day comes. You all look perfect. Everything goes as smooth as possible. There will always be small hiccups. Everyone celebrates you, parties the night away then goes home....

It won't hit you then.

You will be on cloud 9. You will wake up as a married couple. Surrounded by cards and gifts. Your wedding outfits on the floor,

It won't hit the week after, because everyone is still posting photos on the gram, you have probably received your wedding photos previews. Everyone is stopping you in the shops asking how your day was & how beautiful you all looked.

Then you will more than likely have your honeymoon. Bask in the sun for a week or 2. Drink cocktails, enjoy each others company, indulge in the luxury.

Thennnnn you come home. Everyone has moved on with their own stuff, maybe even attended another wedding while you were away (how dare they), the insta tags have stopped, you are back to work, the dress has been put away. Your full wedding gallery won't be ready for ages. As depressing as it sounds all that's left is the bills & memories.

It hits like a train.

You have nothing else to organise or plan or book. You feel like you can't say anything to anyone for fear people will just roll their eyes at you. Its real. Its very real. This big exciting moment in your life that you have put so much time, effort, money and emotion into is over and in such a flash too. Everyone says enjoy your big day it goes by so quickly but nothing prepares you for how quick it does.

Don't worry it will pass. Acknowledge what it is. Feel what you need to feel. Its annoying and really can be a bitch to deal with. You will get past it we all did. I was so moody and snappy, didn't want to do anything & had such "regret" because all I was left with was a massive loan to pay back and I didn't want to now the wedding hysteria was gone. I started nip picking at every aspect of the day. Finding faults in the stupidest things.

I've known people to get in such a frenzy post wedding they complain to the wedding venue, photographer. florists and try and get money back. Just know unless something massive has gone west it won't happen.

Just know this grey cloud will lift and you will realise you aren't left with nothing but the big bill. You are left with the most amazing memories, with a partner who loves you the most in the world. You will have photos, videos & stories to tell until you are grey and old together.

You have a whole future ahead of you which is so much more exciting. Whether your future plans are babies, travelling, big house or building an empire or all of the above, that's up to you both and the options for greater days are endless.

When you are feeling like that try not to take it out on the suppliers who you picked or try and nip pick at the perfect day you spent so much time planning. Try not to take it out on your other half like I did. I think my husband was seriously rethinking his life choices about a month into our marriage bless him.

Talk, be honest and explain you have the post wedding blues. They are real but they do pass.

Did you get the post wedding depression? How hard did it hit you? Did you nip pick? How long did it last?

Hope you liked my first blog. Very plain and simple I know but hopefully made for some enjoyable light reading.

Would you like another?

Im thinking...The Wedding Party Individual From Hell....There is nearly always one.

Let's talk about it shall we?

Byeeee for now


Raindrops and Roses Photography.

Did you get the post wedding blues?

  • Oh god yes.

  • Nope I was glad the wedding was over.

  • Looking back at it now maybe.


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